In the world of today we can no longer rely upon the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity. This is because most fossil fuel reserves have been exhausted and as the population grows, conventional methods of producing electricity are no longer as useful as they were earlier on. This is where unconventional methods of generating electricity come in.

When anyone talks about unconventional fuels they are referring to the use of renewable energy. Relying upon renewable sources of energy would be far more beneficial because they do not cause much (or as much) pollution as non-renewable sources of electricity do. In addition to this though some of these may be expensive, they are far cheaper and much more beneficial in the long run, too. Examples include solar power and wind power.

This would also be far more economical. Why? Here’s why: the source of energy in case of unconventional fuels are renewable and less pollution is produced. This means that the source can be used again and you don’t have to worry about taking measures to reduce pollution. In case of conventional fuels the sources get exhausted and governments would also have to spend funds on reducing the amount of pollution that is produced due to the consumption of conventional fuels for the generation of electricity.

Conventional fuels lead to the production of carbon dioxide and this is what contributes to global warming. Unconventional fuels are a lot safer and they are far cheaper than conventional fuels. Dependence upon petroleum and other countries, for energy, would be reduced and funds can be used on other departments, exports, imports and the production of different types of goods for these purposes. Coal, oil and other conventional fuels could be used for the production of goods such as certain types of plastics and other goods of the sort.

Many countries, such as the US, UK and quite a few countries in Asia, are dependent upon one another where domestic oil production and the demand for more oil are concerned. What happens is that the demand for oil increases in one country because the demand is greater than the supply. So, this country would be in search of more electricity and it would, then, have to turn towards other countries to fulfill the oil demands. This is how the global oil supply is affected. Unconventional methods would reduce dependence upon other countries in order to meet the global oil demand, too.